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Wolfe Marine Sales, Inc. image Carl B. Flynn, Captain of the yacht SOUTHERN CROSS received a letter from the owner Howard Hughes on December 23, 1933 where Mr. Hughes instructed Flynn in regard to the maintainance of the vessel; "I don't want you to waste any money in the operation and maintainance of the boat. I don't want anyone to overcharge you for any work or materiel. However, regardless of what it costs, I want you to do everything that is necessary or advisable [sic] to insure that there is no deterioration of the boat outside and inside. I expect this boat to last a lifetime, and saving a few dollars now at the expense of allowing it to deteriorate may cost more in the long run. I think it is cheaper to keep a boat in first class condition than to let it go to hell and then try and repair it. Howard"

Howard Hughes was right when he put it just this way, and this is good advice for all boat owners. When you are looking to buy, or thinking of selling, remember that you have one "first impression"! Make it a good one.


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